Day 5 (Friday)

Dec 23, 2022

Day 5 - Worship by Angels: 

Today, we are reading Luke 2:8-20.  Let us re-visit this well-known Christmas passage.  A multitude of angels appear and praise God and give glory to God at the birth of the Messiah.  At that night, Jesus stepped down from heaven, that bridged the huge distance between “highest heaven” and “earth” (Luke 2:14). 


Scriptures :

Luke 2:8-20



Even though God chose first to reveal Jesus to shepherds.  This good news of great joy is ultimately for “all people.”  God has shown His favor to all people by giving us this great gift of Jesus, the Savior who can save us, change us and love us.



Gracious Lord, You came to us with humility and vulnerability.  Your birth was announced to the lowest of the low, so that we know your love is for all.  Use us to be the channel of Your peace, so the world will know You by Your Good News. Amen.