Day 6 (Christmas Eve)

Dec 24, 2022

Day 6 - Worship by Magi: 

The story of the Magi is so special because they are the first people who are described explicitly as worshiping Jesus.  They traveled a long way.  They came with gifts.  When they saw baby Jesus, they were overjoyed.  They bowed down and worshiped.  What a wonderful way to describe worship in the presence of the King of kings.






Joy and celebration are a vital feature of worship.  We should expect to experience joy when we are worshiping God.  How do we worship in the presence of the King of kings?



Father, thank you for letting us hear the story of the Magi who knelt before Jesus with devotion and rich gifts.  May You help us to worship You with a heart of longing like the Magi.  In Your holy name, we pray.  Amen.