Day 4 (Thursday)

Dec 22, 2022

Day 4 - The Word became Flesh: 

John 1 reminds us that even though Jesus was the only begotten Son of God, the eternal and living Word, at Christmas, He was born as a human baby. He became fully human and fully God and dwelled with us. The Greek word that translates as “dwelt among us” (1:14) reminds us that Jesus has pitched His tent with us. It is that intimate fellowship that He longs to experience with us.  It is that fellowship that makes this season Christmas.


Scriptures :

John 1:1-18



Where in the midst of this Christmas Day do you need to find Jesus most? Where do you long for His fellowship? 



Dear Lord, meet us where we are today and draw us nearer to Your heart.  May we notice You today.  Help us never to forget that You dwell among us and You long for fellowship with us.  Amen.