Day 2 (Tuesday)

Dec 20, 2022

Day 2 - Song of Mary: 

Once she has accepted that fact that she would give birth to the Son of God as a virgin, Mary decides to magnify the Lord and rejoice in God her Savior, as she has deeply encountered how God’s almighty power comes to her and covers her.  Even though she is heading to uncertainty, she gladly accepts it, and her spirit rejoices (Luke 1:47).  This is the true joy of Christmas. 


Scriptures :

Isaiah 7:14-15 / Luke 1:30-33 / Luke 1:46-55



Mary has offered an amazing testimony of how to respond to a God who has broken into our lives.  She rejoiced in God her Savior.  She acknowledged the grace she had received.  So should we.



Dear God, we confess that we have not always chosen to take You at Your word and have missed out on the true joy and hope that comes from trusting You.  May our hearts gain courage in any circumstances, worshiping You boldly so that our joy in Christ might be multiplied.  Amen.