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Fellowship & Small Groups

Fellowship and Small Groups
People matter to God and therefore to us. Our ministries are people-focused (Luke 15, Acts 4:34–35). We believe that a small group provides the optimal environment to nurture believers through caring, mutual support, intercessory prayer, and life-application bible study. A small group grows by opening up itself to non-believers and sharing the Gospel with them. As new believers mature, they will join with others to minister to one another as well as non-believers. Eventually they too can become small group leaders as their group gives birth to new groups and carries on the cycle of growth. Alternatively, God may call some of them to service in other ministries.

The style of each small group can be different and should be catered to the common uniqueness of the small group members and their leader. Nevertheless, all small groups should share the following principles:

Common goal:
Every group should pursue the same goal of bringing the unchurched to Christ.

Common approach:
Bible study is a must, with a strong emphasis on life-changing applications instead of pure academic pursuit.

Common care:
Every group should emphasize building up trusting and caring relationships and sharing life experiences, needs, and struggles.